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[sticky post] Introductory Post

Welcome to Stitches 'n Links, a community for artisan crafters. Whether you weave with metal or yarn, this place is for you!

Our objective is to focus mainly on the arts of chainmail, knitting and crocheting. We'll have Q&A posts for each of these three arts, as well as a glossary, tutorials, resources, featured projects, featured weaves/patterns, and eventually, featured members.


Chainmail Glossary

  • chainmail/chainmaille/ring mail/ring maille - for our purposes, they all mean the same thing:
    • noun.A flexible material composed of small interlocking metal rings (or loops of chain). (see Middle-Ages.org for more info)
    • Not to be confused with "chain mail", also known as "chain letters"

  • weave: noun. "refers to how the rings are put together to form a pattern" (from TRL Forum)
    • example: "My favourite weave is Byzantine"

  • weave: verb. the act of putting rings together to form a pattern
    • example: "I've been weaving Euro 4-1 for hours!" or "I wanna learn how to weave JPL"

  • AR: Aspect Ratio - "the ratio of the inner diameter of a ring to the diameter of the wire it is made of" (from M.A.I.L. article: Aspect Ratio)
    • ID is generally measured in inches, while Wire Diameter is most often given in millimeters (mm)

  • ID: Inner Diameter - Commonly used to describe ring sizes. Can be used alongside the Wire Diameter to find the Aspect Ratio of a ring.
    • examples: 5/16", 1/4", 3/16"

  • gauge/wire gauge: - "A numbered method of referring to wire sizes, that is commonly used in North America. There are different versions, most commonly Standard Wire Gauge (SWG), and American Wire Gauge (AWG). Anywhere from 24 to 12 gauge are most commonly used for chainmail" (from Chainmailbasket.com: Glossary)
    • The smaller the number, the thicker the wire: 12 gauge is thicker than 16 gauge
    • examples: 12g, 24g, 16swg, 20awg

  • M.A.I.L.: Maille Artisans International League

Material Abbreviations

AA = Anodized Aluminum, Ag = Silver, Al = (Dirty/Plain) Aluminum, AT = Anodized Titanium,
Au = Gold, BA = Bright Aluminum, Br = Brass, Bz = Bronze, Cu = Copper, EC = Enameled Copper,
EPDM/Rb/RR = (ethylene propylene diene monomer) rubber (aka "rubber rings"), Nb = Niobium,
SS = Stainless Steel, Ti = Titanium

Abbreviations of some Common Weaves

Byz = Byzantine, Box = Box/boxchain, CIR = Captive Inverted Round(maille)
E4-1/Euro 4-1 = European 4-in-1, E6-1/Euro 6-1 = European 6-in-1, FP/FP6 = Full Persian (FP8 also exists),
GSG = Great Southern Gathering, HP3/HP3-1 = Half Persian 3-in-1, HP4/HP4-1 = Half Persian 4-in-1,
IR = Inverted Round(maille), JPL = Jens Pind Linkage, RSD = Rhinos Snorting Drano


For a full glossary, visit M.A.I.L. Glossary
Abridged glossary (the really important stuff) ChainmailBasket Glossary


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